The Birth of HipHop Bars 2 Beats Reviews


HipHopBars2Beats is OFFICIALLY ONLINE!!!

This Blog Review Site is for Hip Hop Lovers all around the world!

We Dont Care who’s HOT? -or- Who Supposedly is NOT at any given time.

Objectivity is what we stress

No Hate All Love….

However We DO TELL IT like it is!!! So Welcome & Enjoy Reviews Below!!!


Rating System:

Bars{Lyrics,Wordplay,Metaphors,Story telling, Flow, etc etc.}

Beats{Production, sound-song-theme relationship etc etc.}

Music{Album cohesiveness, Replay Value, Song writing etc etc..}


Bars & Beats===> XXL (Superior)  XL (Top-Notch)  L (nice)  M (Average)  S (Weak)

 Report Card===> A+ (Classic)  A (Superior)  B (Dope)  C (Solid)  D (Needs Work)  F (Trash)

                       ***Disclaimer***  To a degree Rating Reviews factor in the time & Era each album was released in